Basic of Fiberglass Malaysia

Fiberglass is a product that is made of glass and fiber combined together which result in two groups to utilize the material; which is continuous fibers uses in textile and discontinuous fiber uses in insulation like a blanket.

Besides that, fiberglass can be formed into woven, cotton or wool which uses in diapers. In fact, fiberglass textiles are commonly being reinforcement as a material to be moulded into plastics. However, glass wool fiver is a norm to be used in sound absorption and thermal insulations.

In Malaysia, fiberglass trading is leading the market production of fiberglass products in which the operations started up at January 2003 and grown even further and became the best especially on the manufacturing of FRP tank in Malaysia.

On top of that, the area fiberglass expertise on is making custom made fiber glass furniture, custom made sculpture, fiber glass water slides and fiber glass swimming pool accessories.

Fiberglass Furniture

Fiberglass is able to produce a unique design for household furniture. The exceptional cases of designs are that it may appear a whole new view of the product, thus the design made is based on customers’ needs and demand and fiberglass cultivate it.

fiberglass furniture

Fiberglass also offers quality and durability of the furniture based on the design idea and price is affordable. Despite that, the consumer can acquire exquisite and unique furniture for household or office used, as they produce various kinds of options as a table, chairs, counter designs based on customer’s preferences and demand.

The success made from fiberglass is to create a specialized and unique design with the capability of rare material; fiberglass to aid them to lead the market throughout the years.

Custom made Fiberglass Sculpture

Fiberglass is employed to the best talent with flawless qualities of fiberglass in designs and art. This will enhance the quality of producing appealing and high-end results. Besides, the capability of delivering 3D art is an interesting thing about sculpture which resembles the real object.

custom made sculpture

Furthermore, they have the ability to produce durable sculptures that align with the demand and needs of customers, as it is completed they will be delivered free.

Fiberglass Waterslides

One of the unique productions of fiberglass Malaysia is fiberglass waterslides and themes for a pack that produce stronger and durable in various designs, style, and size. Besides that, they are able to infuse attractive colours into the fiberglass to attract children.

The key decision for a customer who purchases waterslides from fiberglass is due to the quality based crafted in producing high-quality designs and includes comfortability in accessing the slides. The output of production is well-built and provides efficient safety to children in terms of the ability to withstand enough pressure and durability of the materials.

Fiberglass Swimming Pool

Instead of producing waterslides, fibreglass Malaysia also designs powerful and quality accessories for the swimming pool. They sell accessories at an affordable price which are the primary sole manufacturers that provide various sizes and design.

fiberglass pool malaysia

However, this design is solely based on the customer’s desire for the design blueprints they suggested.

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