Trending Furniture Designs in Melbourne

There have been several changes in the patterns of furniture in the global market. Furniture follows suite as new design trends, manufacturing techniques, and new raw materials emerge. One thing you will realize is that modern designs have some form of relationship with the past ones. Here are some of the trends you will expect to see as you visit the various homes and showrooms in the region.

Built in Technology

Modern furniture should be compatible with technology. Incorporating technology in modern furniture designs has been around for the last four decades. You may have across some T.V units in Melbourne that resemble the computer desk or a credenza. It’s becoming more important to integrate technology in places that are less obvious like the bedroom, kitchen, dining room and even bathroom just to name a few.

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Green and Sustainable

The furniture industry has been keen like other sectors about eco-friendly manufacturing processes and raw materials. The case remains whether you are looking for unique TV cabinets and timber dining tables in Melbourne among other furniture products. The concept of green furniture has been available for some time and most experts are looking for the best ways of complying. It is advisable to get raw materials that don’t harm the environment in any way. The good thing is that eco-friendly raw materials and processes are becoming more economical over time. Buyers are advised to look for a piece of furniture that has a label indicating that it is eco-friendly compliant.

Global Design

Furniture trends have been shared in the global market to enhance the aesthetic of furniture like the Asian lacquered or Danish modern. The past trends were characterized with homogenous designs but we currently see design elements from other cultures being embedded in Melbourne furniture designs.

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Smaller Footprints

The scale of homes in Melbourne has been increasing in the past but the counter trend of building small houses has largely been evident. This modern trend has led to the evolution of high-end furniture pieces that are largely functional but still streamlined in size. The modern designers have taken up the challenge of designing small furniture products like beds, chairs, kitchen furniture, stands, cabinets, T.V units and timber dining tables in Melbourne. These style leaves the target spaces having a more modest look.


The importance of outdoor living has been on the rise and designers have been reducing the distinction between these two places. You will now find a lot of traditional outdoor looks in modern furniture. Current trends now allow furniture to have elements that support outdoor elements and activities.


While sticking to the concept of small footprints, there is a growing demand for furniture that serves both secondary and primary purposes. This idea is not new as you can think of a sofa bed because it serves both purposes. There has been more emphasis on the practicability and functionality of this idea. Designers are looking at this concept as a puzzle that requires some kind of solution. They are looking for ways of reducing the limitations of the various pieces of furniture to the traditional purposes they serve. They are integrating this with technology that is becoming an important element in human life. Furniture designers are looking for exclusive ways of integrating technology into furniture design.

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