Why having a Custom Made T Shirt is Beneficial to you and your brand

Benefits of Custom Made T-Shirt

Sense of belonging

Applicable to both company employees and customers. For the employee, they will be glad that they are representing the brand. Wearing a shirt representing the brand means that they are responsible for the company and the company value the employee.

As for customers, giving them a t-shirt means that they become your brand ambassador. The customers will act as the spokesperson for the brand. T-shirts can be given through different types of promotional mechanism. For instance, an online contest giveaway, social engagement or free gift for every purchase.

Low Cost

Producing custom made t-shirt is a very low cost, as discounts are given to bulk orders. Furthermore, choosing a relatively common T-shirt material allows the cost to be further reduced down. Although they cost more than brochures, flyers or even magazines, they can last longer in the wardrobe.

Another Form of Advertising

Instead of spending hundreds to thousands of dollars for advertising, why don’t print your company on your custom made t-shirt and use it as a mobile billboard? As a person travels to different places every day, it has become a mobile advertising approach that is relatively cheaper.

By placing the contact method on the custom t-shirt printing, anyone will be able to contact your company easily. For instance, print QR code, phone number or even company information on it.

Some company made custom t-shirt printing for fulfilling corporate social responsibility, by doing so, it allows the company to gain public awareness. The public will perceive the brand as supporting the local cause. In many cases, charity T-shirts are created for a company employee to wear during attending related events and activities.

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Company Unity

The company has its own dress code, sadly, not all employees like to follow the strict dress code. Letting employees wear company custom jersey printing allows them to spend less time and effort planning what they wear.

Moreover, custom jersey printing can be implemented as a company uniform. Staff wearing company T-shirt gives a unity feeling to the customer. It can also boost the team spirit and giving a better company image to customers.

Source of Income

T-shirts printing in Malaysia can be a significant source of income if it is executed well. As many customers or brand lovers would like to spend their money to get everything onto their hands. Selling it as brand merchandise is a good idea.

Better Efficiency Than Traditional Printing

The t-shirt printing in Malaysia allows your business to get as fast as you order. Compare to traditional T-shirts that require a silkscreen press for each t-shirt. The machine allows automation with minimum human interference.

Different Variation with consistent quality

Due to its advantage such as less labour-intensive than screen printing. It allows the business the option of producing small batches of a different design. Variation is great as it allows the business to test out multiple designs in mind.

This type of T-shirt design offers colours as bright, bold, and outstanding as you need them to be, and the design options are truly endless. These beautiful, striking designs are great options for clubs, offices, restaurants, non-profits, and much more.

The clear and pronounced design allows a business T-shirt to look more professional, durable quality makes sure that the shirt can last longer. It can prevent cracking, fading, peeling and last well with multiple washing.

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