Ultimate Guide: How to Choose the Different Types of Wood Flooring

Still wondering about having a piece of customizes furniture products for your home?

If you are thinking id outing on wood floors, you can’t go wrong with it.

As the New Year is coming, you did wish to have renovated or upgrade your floor with timber decking in Malaysia.

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Therefore, there is numerous list of companies offering laminate flooring in Malaysia that comes with quite a great deal for the timber flooring price.

You also could look for vinyl flooring Malaysia promotion online that could offer much more option for you to choose from. Check out iLiving Homes to find out more.

All types of hardwood floors have unmatched natural beauty and go with any décor.

From the traditional, modern, country decking, you name it.

The flooring could go in any type of room, although kitchens and basements warrant special considerations.

Waterproof Laminate Flooring or Composite Wood Decking?

Waterproof laminate flooring is a good option if you would like to custom stain applied before final finish or to match the color of existing flooring.

After the flooring installation and staining, the flooring is given several coats or laminate with a protective finish.

If you are thinking of adding hardwood flooring in your kitchen, you could consider waterproof laminate flooring will be the ideal choice.

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This is because the waterproof laminate flooring will able to penetrate and seal the seams between the boards.

This helps to prevent the water from seeping between the boards and stay dry.

Composite wood decking is a hardwood flooring that comes from the factory that already sealed and sanded.

In other words, the whole job installation would be much easier and quicker.

There are no odors and VOCs from the finishing on-site.

So, the floor is ready to walk on immediately.

Engineered wood decking or solid wood flooring?

Engineered wood decking is a veneer of real wood glued to several layers of wood underneath, like plywood.

This gives out the engineered wood decking excellent stability over time.

This also makes it a good choice for any area of your home, including below-grade basements.

Depending on the thickness of the hardwood veneer, engineered wood decking can only be sanded and refinished once or twice during its lifetime.

In addition, solid wood flooring is all wood and comes 5/8 to 3/4 inches thick.

Speaking of the experience of the solid wood supplier in Malaysia that is because solid wood flooring can be sanded and refinished many times.

However, it susceptible to changes in humidity, and is not recommended for below-grade basements.

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What Species Is The Best?

The best hardwood floors are made with wood species that are readily and have high durability.

From the choices of wood decking namely Oak flooring, maple flooring and cherry flooring are all the good choices.

Besides, you will have to pay a premium price for the exotic species such as jarrah, teak, and mesquite.

Before that, you have to check to make sure the hardwood flooring you choose comes from the sustainably harvested forests.

Another option available is to reclaim the hardwood flooring, which you could find it at salvage yards.

It likely has some sign of wear and age.

However, you only will pay about half what it would cost for the comparable new flooring.

If they don’t have what you are looking from, you could ask them to put on a waiting list.

Salvage flooring also would be a good choice if you are planning to renovate an older house.

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