Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Malaysia Tips to Increase Sales

As a dedicated blogger, one of your main goals was to learn how to make money with affiliate marketing programs in Malaysia. This monetization avenue promised a better opportunity to get off the hamster wheel of trading hours for dollars as a service provider. Besides, it even allows you to earn some passive income when you weren’t working? So, who doesn’t want that?

Over the years, there are numerous bloggers have brought in handsome profits from the affiliate program. However, other bloggers miss the mark, walking away from the blogging feeling disappointed and frustrated.

Thus, let’s break down the top 5 affiliate marketing tips that could help increase your sales. So, let’s see what change that you could make?

affiliate marketing malaysia

1. Promote Relevant Products

Every new blogger often finds themselves being seduced by the lure of making massive commissions off high-priced products without giving a second thought to their target audience.

By promoting affiliate products at Lazada affiliate programs that aren’t wholly relevant to your audience, as well as the content those links are to be included in, you will make it more confusing.

For instance, if you are running a travel blog, there is no point in trying to sell the software, just like it is pointless for you to include affiliate links to a virtual assistant course on the travel blog. A successful affiliate website is always highly targeted in nature.

2. Provide Valuable Content

In the early days of affiliate marketing, when it quickly earned the fame of being a significant cause of online spam. People would often knock up a website and plaster it with unoriginal placeholder content that offered nothing of value to the readers.

Nowadays, if you are not publishing quality content that piques the interest, you won’t get far at all. Thus, you need to have a genuine passion and knowledge in your niche to be able to create shareable content that could trust of My Smartshopper Malaysia.

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3. Use Sustainable SEO

Still, many big shots in the Zalora affiliate program rely heavily on the traffic from the search engine. But the search engine is much more sophisticated than they used to be and are no longer prioritize the visibility of content based on things such as the number of key phrases found in an article.

Instead of using the outdated and spammy SEO practices, you should focus on providing valuable content to the readers. Nonetheless, keywords are still crucial, particularly when you base your content on answering questions that often being asked in Google.

affiliate malaysia

4. Improve Website Performance

Internet users are notoriously known for short on patience and attention span, as to the extent where even 4-5 seconds loading speed could give them a reason to put them off.

Thus, improving website performance is essential as it helps you to retain your visitors that will lead to an increasing number of sales. If you are excelling in using a good content management system, you should not have much problem with the performance at online shopping websites in Malaysia.

5. Leverage Product Reviews

While the products you advertise on your website are ultimately at the seller’s responsibility, you also could end up risking your reputation as an affiliate if you are promoting the product on Lazada cashback that your readers aren’t satisfied with.

Nevertheless, you should always check out what other people are saying about the products and services at the cashback app in Malaysia if you are thinking about promoting and ensure it is suitable for your target audience.

By doing sufficient research in the existing product feedback, you inevitably will be in a much better position to build the authority. Point out those possible negatives upfront and address them accordingly. This will make you seem trustworthy resource to the visitors.

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