Tips for Creating a Memorable Event Space in Kuala Lumpur

The new year has started, which means that you are in full swing of event season and rapidly approaching the hectic and event-filled holiday season. Among the seemingly countless corporate gathering and special occasions, it could be challenging to make your event space stand out from the usual event.

Asides from having delectable food and beverages, cohesive theme and fun entertainment, are all essential details, you could not throw a party if you don’t have an ideal event venue to fit for all.

Well, choosing the right venue is one of the first considerations that you need to make during the event planning process. Moreover, it is also the main element that has the maximum impact on determining the overall tone of your event. See more here.

1. Non-Traditional Venues

In this case, you need to think outside the box! A growing trend in the event planning industry is to use non-traditional event space for rent KL: warehouse, libraries, art galleries; the possibilities are endless.

For sure, like everything in life, there are always have pros and cons. The advantages include creative freedom, uniqueness, and the “wow” factor. Among the drawbacks are that many unconventional venues don’t have the delicate onsite staff and top-notch facilities that more traditional options offer.

If you are thinking that an unconventional venue is not for you, there are numerous of ways to transform a more traditional event hall for rent into something extraordinary.

event space kuala lumpur

2. Drape Your Space

If you are unhappy with the wall colours of your venue, need to confine a wide-open space into an exclusive reception or bored by its dullness, you can create a room within the room using draping.

Choose a clean white drape for a classic and elegant look or pick a colour that accents to your overall theme of event venue Kuala Lumpur. You also might want to drape the ceiling for extra effect.

event hall in kl

3. Divide and Conquer

Having a massive ballroom or training room for rent in KL can be overwhelming at times, especially if all of the furniture is identical.

Instead of filling up the room with standard eight-top tables and banquet chairs, intersperse some high-top tables for the standing guests and other groupings of comfortable lounge furniture to break up space and add visual interest.

4. Light it Up

Next, one of the effective ways is to give the private function venue in KL to rent an instant makeover with lighting. Wireless LED up lights could create every shade of the rainbow and conveniently portable.

Also, add a little bit of sophistication and style to the plainest of space with the uplighting that matches to theme of your event. If you are not sure which tone of colour would blend well with your theme, amber lighting is universally flattering and give off a warm and inviting glow of vibe.

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5. Element of Surprise

Bring high-end lounge furniture into a conference room. Place a fashion show runway down the centre of the hotel lobby. By adding an unpredicted detail or activation to a traditional space, you could create surprise elements that surely will get your guests talking.

Whether you are planning an elegant cocktail party or a week-long corporate retreat, sometimes it is best to leave the planning the professionals. The event planner experts would love to help you knock your next event out of the park, which could be another cool non-traditional event venue.

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