TIME Broadband Service: The fastest Internet Provider in Malaysia

Have you ever wondered how the Internet is being transmitted in Malaysia?

Well, it is simple. For many years, copper cables have been widely used in Malaysia for internet purposes.

Back then, a 10 Mbps speed of the internet is already considered fast, and the price for it is not cheap as well.

Today, most internet service providers have upgraded to using the fibre optic cable.

 time dot com

This cable allows the transmission of information to be ten times faster than traditional copper cables which allow it to provide high-speed internet for a lower price. Click here to check out the fastest internet service provider in Malaysia

Differences between fibre optics and copper wires

Fibre optic technology uses pulses of light to carry data along strands of glass or plastic.

It can deliver up to 100 Mbps of speed, which is a huge difference from the 10 Mbps we have back then.

Fibre optics can transfer more data at higher speed over longer distances than copper wire.

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This is because fibre optic cables have less resistance than copper wires. Besides that, both cables have different ways of transmitting information.

Traditional copper wires transmit electrical currents in contrast to fibre optics which transmits pulses of light generated by the light emitting diode (LED) or lasers.

As better-quality glasses can allow signals to travel further distances, we can expect to see more improvements in the near future.

Benefits of fibre optic

There are a few significant differences in fibre optic and why it has become the top choice.

1. Speed

As mentioned before, the material of the cable affects the way information is being transmitted, causing it to be many times faster than even the highest-speed copper wire available.

Your internet will be able to cope during periods of high demand with fibre optic wires.

2. Cloud access

Customer relationship management (CRM) tools which involved data storage requires a cloud system.

It is an important business tool for companies that have apps and other services.

time coverage

3. Reliability

You can always rely on fibre internet as it will always be stronger than copper and resistant to human or electrical interference.

With these benefits, there are a few established internet service providers including Time Dot Com, Unifi, and Maxis Internets.

Time Internet

Since 2001, Time Dot Com has been a fixed line telecommunications provider that aims to connect businesses and homes.

They are famously known for providing top home broadband services with high-performance solutions.

They have contributed to the technological advancement in Malaysia.

Packages offered

TIME Malaysia internet business offers very affordable services.

For personal use, they offer RM99 for 100 Mbps and RM139 for 500 Mbps. These are the two famous offers at Time fibre.

However, if you are looking for more, the offer 1 Gbps for RM199 only. This shows how affordable the Times internet package is.

For business use, Time wifi has options of 20 Mbps for RM188, 50 Mbps for M318 and 100 Mbps for RM348.

In this case, the 100 Mbps package would be recommended as it is the most worth it.

However, if your company has low consumption of the Internet, the 20 Mbps will be sufficient.

With no doubt, the Times internet package is worth it and is a favourite choice.

Areas covered

Time wifi does not cover all areas in Malaysia but of course, they are slowly looking to expand the time coverage.

For now, the areas covered include parts of Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, Melaka, Penang and Johor. Those areas that are not covered will opt for other internet service providers.

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