The Type of Plastic Card Malaysia Commonly Seen in Market

In Malaysia, getting more and more people are using the plastic card which aims to make their lives become much easy in various ways. Not to mention, the plastic card has become one of the essential tools in people’s life where certain things can only be done with just the plastic card such as ATM machine, verification and more. This has turned the demand for ID Card printer is increased tremendously and cause the industry to make a fortune.

id card printer malaysiaAs the technology evolves, the plastic card can now even be used for transaction purpose which makes your life become much convenient. Hence, the plastic card printing in Malaysia has become a huge demand where all the business is trying to issue the plastic card for their staff or consumer for many purposes.

One can’t avoid from the fact that you sure have at least one of the plastic card right now in your hand. In this section, let’s discover what are some of the PVC card printing that you have commonly seen in the market that makes your life easier.

Loyalty card

The loyalty card is one of the common cards that you will see everywhere in the shop, especially for the food and beverage industry. This is because one of the ways to retain the loyal customer is to implement the loyalty program by issuing the loyalty card to the customer to signify them as the loyal customer to your company.

pvc card printing malaysia

The loyalty card can serve for many purposes where it includes collecting the customer information, collecting the points each time transaction is made with the card, redeeming the rewards using the point available in the card and more.

Membership card

Nowadays there are many membership card supplier where you can get your member card printed at a relatively low cost which turns out to save your operating cost.

Member card in Malaysia is different from loyalty card, where member card helps to verify you as the member of the company. The membership card is commonly seen in the clubhouse, fitness centre or beauty centre and more.

member card malaysia

The membership card printing in Malaysia is also a powerful marketing tool where the customer or member will feel a sense of belongings to the company by issuing the membership card to them.

ID card

Not to mention ID card is the most important and every people will definitely have one when reaches 12 years old. Malaysia ID card also known as MyKad is a multipurpose identity card that serves more than just identification and verification purposes which can be used as a prepaid card for cashless payment.

Besides, the ID card can be used in education and government institution which serve to verify your identity as one of the students or staffs in the institution where often you require scanning the barcode or RFID in the printed card to get access to certain areas.

As the demand for ID card printer is relatively high as all the institution need the supply of the ID card, you can get your ID card printing price at relatively low cost if you are placing the order in bulk volume.

ATM card

ATM card is another popular card which allows you to withdraw or do any transaction in the ATM machine, online bank transaction or retail shop.

You should get yourself at least one ATM card from the bank. The process is relatively quick as they have their card printing that able to issue you the card on the spot. Simply by inserting your new ATM card into the ATM card reader Malaysia and change pin number which then your ATM card is ready to be used.

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