The Type of Feature Wall Design for The Home’s Wall Finishes Malaysia

There are plenty of ideas in the world that is suitable to be used for decorating your wall to enhance the mood of the room and its focal point. However, nowadays in Malaysia, feature wall design in Malaysia is getting more popular. People in Malaysia believe that feature wall design has a significant impact when applied on the plaster walls in Malaysia on creating a positive mood for the room.

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Imagine that if you have your wall design in Malaysia’s home to be decorated with the same colour or pattern, although is look calm and comfortable without any fancy design, it looks plain and dull where the mood of the room is not being enhanced.

However, the idea of the feature wall is to select a wall in the room to be painted or decorated with a different colour and pattern, causing it to stand out and look different as compared to the other wall in the room which create the ability to highlight the existing focal point.

If you are running out of feature wall ideas in Malaysia, in this article, you can understand better what the type of the feature wall design in Malaysia that is suitable for the wall finishes in Malaysia that can enhance your room’s ambience.

Choose the different colour of paint

The traditional and common wall design ideas in Malaysia on creating the feature wall is to use the different coat of paint in painting your wall. Besides, this method is the easiest and inexpensive method for redecorating your wall decoration in Malaysia’s room.

The method is simple by selecting on the of the wall in your room to be painted with a different colour and immediately it will give the room a different feeling and mood rather than keeping it plain and dull.

However, the colour paints your chosen shall be complement with the setting of the room to avoid the adverse effect in your room such as colour mismatch and focal point distracted.

feature wall design malaysia

Choose wallpaper

If the new colour paint is too mainstream for you. Wallpaper will be another alternative way for your wall decoration in Malaysia. Wallpaper is much attractive as compared to paint as it looks more solid and comes with various design. The price of getting the wallpaper will be slightly higher than paint but definitely will fall within your budget.

Wallpaper can be a great tool to create an attractive feature wall, but it is quite complicated. If you are lacking experience in this field, it is always best to seek the piece of advice from the professional regarding your best wall decoration ideas in Malaysia’s home. For example, Vasari Malaysia can give you a great professional idea of what kind of wall decoration ideas are best for your home.

Choose the picture frame/mural wall

If you are planning to decorate your wall with the few pictures frame or mural, it is fine if you are leaving your wall texture in Malaysia with the plain colour. Picture, photo or gallery frame is a great way to create a feature wall in your room especially in the living room or bedroom.

feature wall ideas malaysia

You can use your creativity to play around with the design and arrangement of the photo frame to create a positive atmosphere in your room. Besides, using the picture wall with a few family portrait or memorable incidents will be another plus point.

Mural wall design has the greatest attractiveness and covers the whole wall. The mural can be the best use to create a theme for your room such as ocean theme, forest, natural and others. However, the mural wall is often very expensive as the dimension of the design is bigger and require a lot of the effort in decorating it.

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