The Basic Concepts Behind Minimalism Interior Design Malaysia

The most popular trend in the global interior design industry is minimalism. Minimalism was fashionable in the 1960’s and 1970’s and features heavily in the work of famous designers such as John Ryman during this time. In modern times minimalism’s resurgence began in Europe and slowly spread to the rest of the world. Minimalism interior design draws its inspiration from a minimalist lifestyle which advocates for owning few possessions. As such, this idea goes against the common misconception that buying material possessions will make an individual happy.

The Basics of Minimalism

The main feature of a minimalist home is that the home owner’s possession is stored out of sight. To decluttering the home, it is essential to employ smart storage techniques. Bookshelves, kitchen cabinets, and other storage spaces are key as only a few simple decorations are to remain visible in the home. Minimalism makes the home a calm and serene where individuals can enjoy a relaxing environment.

 The floors and walls should remain blank and simple. Windows should feature simple blinds or be left bare if possible. Surfaces in the home should be left clear except for one or two decorations and the maximum item on a single surface should be three.

Minimalism furniture

Furmingo home interior design in Malaysia mainly features large and colourful furniture that is primarily sold in stores. The best place to find minimalist furniture online stores in Malaysia. Thousands of different furniture designs can be found in online stores and this increase the probability of homeowners finding the right furniture.

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When buying furniture individuals have to consider design as there is a wide range of furniture designs which can have a significant impact on the success of their minimalist home. It is advisable to buy Scandinavian design dinner room tables and chairs, coffee tables and kitchen cabinet in Malaysia. The Scandinavian design incorporates wood into its design to create stylish and simple furniture which is ideal for minimalist homes. The tufted sofa Malaysia design is ideal for living room sofas as this classical and elegant design gives the living room a stylish and sophisticated look. Low beds and platform beds will give the bedroom a minimalist look they will increase the amount of open space in the room.

Possible Interior Décor Problems

A problem associated with minimal interior design Malaysia is that some spaces may become dull and boring. To avoid this artwork can be placed on the walls and pot plants can be placed strategically around the home. As a result, these décor items will add the much-needed colour to the house.

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A popular concept in minimalist design is quality over quantity, and this applies when buying furniture. Finding the right furniture for a minimal home can be an uphill task for homeowners as they have to consider every piece that they bring into their home. As such, to avoid this issue, it is advisable for homeowners to invest in designer furniture. The advantage of buying designer furniture is that the homeowners can purchase furniture of the right size, colour, and texture for their home.

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