Planning Your First Trip to Pattaya And Booking the Best Beach Hotel

Pattaya is one of the top bucket lists for many tourists when you are planning your first trip to Pattaya, it is very obvious to pick the wrong best beach hotel in the wrong area. It is not your fault because you may not conduct enough research on the local area.

Not knowing the geographic region, you may end up in the wrong part of the region that is not suitable for you. Pattaya is really big, but the ample amount of small areas can be very different for each tourist.

Simple Guide to Picking Different Areas

Pattaya is most famous for its nightlife, the spot is known as the walking street. The place was meant for people who like parties, clubs, and bars. If you are a family travelling to the area, fear not, as the north Pattaya is relatively family-friendly.

The really exciting part of the nightlife just belongs to the southern end of Pattaya. The North Pattaya beach resort has more budget accommodation options. Pattaya city also has an ample selection of great restaurants and unique attractions.

The beach located at Pattaya is not meant for water sports and activities. You may end up in disappointment as it is not an excellent sport for activities such as swimming or sunbathing for a long duration.

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In short, the Pattaya beach resort is meant for people who like to party and have everything available for them in one place. It gives many shopping options and a variety of nightlife as well. Some important reminder is that the main beach is dirtier and overcrowded compare to nearby small beaches.

Next would be the Jomtien beach, it is more tranquillizing. This large town has a great variety of attractions, some of its best Italian restaurant Pattaya and terminal 21 hotel is also located here and some speciality shopping malls.

Jomtien is more family-friendly, it has some cultural attractions such as the Buddha mountain and floating market. It is meant for families and couples, or budget tight tourist as there are many affordable accommodations such as terminal 21 hotel.

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Nevertheless, Jomtien requires tourists to rely on transportation rather than walking from here to there. Public transport in the area is not easily accessible. The town can get quieter than usual after sunsets.

Try out the greatness of taste in Pattaya

Regardless of what area are you choosing, the main highlight of the trip also includes food. The best thing about Pattaya is that it offers ample choices for seafood buffet.

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One of the major events occurring in the festival is the amazing seafood Pattaya event, as the tourism authority of Pattaya wants everyone to try and taste the delicacies by serving seafood. The bbq seafood buffet Pattaya provides tourists with the festival in the middle of the year, mostly in May.

The seafood buffet grants fresh food to be sold and tourists can choose to buy at a special price and choose to enjoy a special menu offer only at this event.

Bbq seafood buffet Pattaya delight to seafood lovers, if you can eat seafood continuously for the whole course. Then you must visit this event as top chefs of Thailand are here to cook for you. Various food trucks, cooking demonstrations, and live concerts are performed by a popular Thai artist.

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