How to Run a Successful Restaurant and Bar in PJ

Whether you are managing a restaurant or bar in PJ, the challenges of running a successful bar is more than just keeping customers’ glasses full. You need to ensure that you are well-stocked, creating a lively event or serving events to excite your patrons.

Still, managing restaurant and bar in PJ have never been easy. Whether you are currently own a bar or considering starting a new bar, following these steps to learn, you can maximize your profit from the bar business. Check out how Marimbar in PJ operates their business daily.

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Steps 1: Keep Your Fully Stocked

Keeping your bar always in-stocked goes far beyond just filling your sky bar with liquor, beer, and wine. You surely want to track what drinks your customers are drinking and which type of alcohol is the best-selling.

This will help you to adjust the orders, so you need to spend less money on the alcohol that less popular while keeping your bar filled with the hot-selling items.

Essential Item Every Bar Needs:

  • Bar Napkins
  • Straws & Stirrers
  • Glassware
  • Mixing Glasses
  • Cocktail shakers & strainers

Step 2: Create Your Signature Cocktails

Many of the customers may order some of the popular drinks and creating drinks that are unique to your establishment gives you the competitive edge over your competitors. Besides, you could price them higher than usual beverages, helping you to increase the business profit margin.

When creating new recipes and cocktails, you would consider your target demographic as well as their tastes. Nevertheless, it is crucial to keep on top of current drink trends and allow your customers to enjoy the night time activities in Petaling Jaya to the fullest.

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3. Host Happy Hour

Hosting special events or happy hour promotion is an excellent way to draw the customers in with much more friendly prices. Therefore, you could allow the unique in-house cocktails and tip-top service from your rooftop bar to convince your patron to have a good time.

The happy hour promotion should feature some special discount on items with a high-profit margin, group specials or snacks to maximize your profits. You can schedule the event promotion in targeting specific times and demographics, such as weekend brunch-goers, post-work business crowd or sports matches.

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4. Hire the Right Bartenders

Undisputedly, the turnover rate of restaurant and bar has been increasing years by years, which results in a massive waste of money on training the new employees. Well, you could prevent this by implementing strict standards when hiring and creating a rigorous training regimen. This serves the sole purpose to weed out any potential bad or unproductive employees in the process of hiring.

One of the methods that you can retain good employees is with incentives, namely pay raises, bonuses or favorable shifts. You also can motivate your employees with personal development in learning new skills or potential for promotions.

5. Train Your Bartenders

Another great way to boost the profit of your rooftop restaurant is to train your staff to upsell customers. Upselling involves your bartenders or sommelier, suggesting that customers give a try on the high-value item.

Upselling is vital for both the growth of your business and your staff, as the bigger checks mean bigger tips. The key here to upselling is to frame it as a personal suggestion. For instance, you could have the bartender to recommend them the alternative to their favorite drinks.

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