First Timer’s Tips To Bangkok when staying at Bangkok Hotel

The capital of Thailand, Bangkok, definitely a known destination for travel lovers. Bangkok Thailand is famous for a lot of Foodies as a street food heaven. Known for having beautiful golden shrines and temples, floating markets, and you can get the lowest price for a traditional Thai massage!

If you are a shopping fan, Bangkok is your best place to visit as you can get cheap clothes. Besides that, the gazillion ‘wat’ or Buddhist temples are famous for immersing yourself in the culture and historical heritage of Bangkok! If you worry about the transportation matter, you can book a hotel near BTS (Bangkok Mass Transit System) since there are many hotels near BTS.

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Bangkok known for its “Red Light Districts,” there are some gay-friendly hotels that you can stay to have a quick look about this culture. 

Of course, you can stay at a Bangkok hotel to get a high starting point to explore Thailand further! As you can make the most of the city even in 3 to 5 days.

There are many hotels near Skytrain; you can do some research if you are a first-timer coming to Bangkok. Here are the things to do in  Bangkok. 

Try their incredible food in Street Food Tour

If you are hungry and unsure where to start from, you can stay in a hotel because there are many hotels near Skytrain and go on a street food market to have some best local food. Most importantly, eating delicious street food is extremely budget-friendly. The local street food includes Moo Ping (Grilled Pork), Kanom Kai Nok Krata (sweet potato balls), Kanom Krok Bai Toey (Kueh), fried banana pancake and Pad Thai (Thai fried noodles). 

Not only for the short-term gain of eating delicious food, but also can experience the culture of South-east Asian such as eating beside the street, eating together or sharing the dishes. There are so many food stalls where the food is cook to order and consistently being cooked.  There are many hotels near BTS, and it is convenient for you to do a food street.

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Authentic Local food

As mentioned before, Bangkok has many food stalls and street food vendors stretching along the streets of Bangkok. However, if you want to have some authentic local food except the food street or food stalk, you may enjoy Thai dishes in an authentic Thai cuisine restaurant.

A Bangkok restaurant can serve good quality seafood. Moreover, there is a lot of famous food such as Tom Yum Soup that you might be familiar with. Mostly authentic local cuisine here is spicy, sweet, sour and they will put lemongrass, small chilli and zesty lime flavours to make the sauce.

Furthermore, some of the boutique hotels in Bangkok will give you a traditional food buffet breakfast as you can eat as much as you can, is worth it for you!

Take a relaxing spa and massage

If you want to take some rest to cut your stress, you can enjoy a Relax spa and massage in Bangkok!

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Many people believe that the health benefits of Thai massage include reducing stress, enhancing energy, and increasing athletic performance. Thai massage uses soft pressure and stretching techniques to relax your body. Some of the gay-friendly accommodations will offer you a traditional spa service together with Thai massage. 

Of course, many Bangkok hotels offer you different packages of spa and massage. Therefore you need to do some research before you try one!

Some of the boutique hotels will give you traditional Thai massage to stimulate your circulation as well. A small tip for you, remember to rest and drink plenty of water after you had a Thai massage.

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