CyberSecurity: The Importance of Internet Security for a country

Nowadays, businesses are no longer just physical places, but virtual ones that can be accessed, and could be breach anywhere at any time from multiple devices.


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Many companies like Yahoo and Wendy’s have taken their security system into account by regularly taking Penetration Test from the top Pen-Test companies.

The main reason is that they don’t want any of their security system being breached or hacked by the individual that has all-purpose.

This is why it is important to provide Digital Forensic Services or Cask Training course to the employee in order to preserve the trust of the customers.

In addition, many of the penetration testing service providers or PCI DSS companies in Malaysia also provide Cox certification training that taught about computer forensics.

The programme also includes Cyber Security Training that based on the analysis of cybercrime in Malaysia.

As a business, maintain and enhancing the customer relationship is very important. It is very crucial for the customers to know that their personal data is well-protected as many businesses are susceptible to data breaches, at their customer’s expense.

To successfully implement the standard, every organization should have the obligation to comply and understand the benefits they will gain by being PCI compliant.

Here are a few reasons why complying with the PCI DSS can benefit your company.

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1. Mitigate the risk of security breaches

Just like any other compliance programs, many of the organizations may have a question in their mind before they putting on a journey towards compliance.

As everyone knows that just by simply locking your physical doors at night is not enough to keep the business safe anymore.

With the compliance regulations in place today, it is time to get some brand new locks that monitor for all the channels that your customer engagement with your business on.

These locks could come in the form of access control, two-factor authentication, compliance procedures and other processes that will ensure you and your customers ‘data are well-guarded.

internet security malaysia
Online Security Technology and Hacking Risk Alert Concept

2. A boost in customer confidence

One of the most obvious benefits of achieving PCI DCC compliance is the fact that is providing an undisputed advantage in the maintenance of customer relationships.

By complying with the PCI DSS framework standards, you are demonstrating that your company really has taken into account the IT security Malaysia.

Thus, this will encourage more and more customers to trust you with their personal payment card information.

Inevitably, this will improve the customer relationship and can be translated into a positive impact on your profits.

They will see you as a company that has a strong commitment and integrity to protect their data.

3. Avoid the additional incurred cost

Indeed, data breaches can cost you a ton in both money and customer confidence. There is also a cost of paying fines, paying compensation for the lost, not to mention investigation costs and audits on the business side.

This is why it is important for any company or merchant to understand the benefits of PCI compliant.

Well yes, of course, you did have to spend some money to comply with the standards set.

And as stated above, the implementation of PCI requirements properly will decrease the breaching of data.

This absolutely is the real benefit for the company because its possibility of receiving fine may decrease as well.

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