Choosing the Best Hotel in Chiang Mai for Your Vacation

Accommodation in Chiang Mai covers a broad range of styles for different budgets. It is good to choose the right hotel whether you are visiting for a honeymoon vacation or on a family trip. Making the right choice will help you to enhance your experience. 

There are several hotels to stay in Chiang Mai ranging from 3 stars to 5 stars. 3-star hotels have comfortable standard rooms but fewer facilities. On the contrary, 4 star and 5-star hotels provide business facilities such as restaurants, swimming pools, business centres, etc. It makes your stay to be more enjoyable and comfortable. You will not fail to get the best hotel depending on your budget and preferences. 

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Remember Chiang Mai is the 5th biggest city in Thailand. It means that you will never run out of the accommodation options. The primary determinant of the pricing for accommodation is the season. The low season runs from March to September while the peak flows from October to March. 

The renowned areas are the Night Bazaar and Old City, Riverside. You can get an incredible hotel near the night market bazaar for your stay. It is good to choose one of these famous areas for your stay if you want to move around more easily. Here are 3 factors to help you choose the right Chiang Mai hotel in Thailand

Choose the Best Location to Stay

Most people who visit Chiang Mai stay in the central area like Night Bazaar and Old City, Riverside. Each of these places has its own atmosphere. Most of the attractions are in the old city. The moat and the city wall define the area by forming a square around this old city. 

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Would you like to run away from the crowds in the touristy places and get a more relaxing holiday? You will not fail to get a luxury hotel near the night market bazaar or Riverside area.  

Average Ranking and Hotel Styles 

Both resorts and hotels are designed to serve you temporarily. While a resort offers a comfortable; lodging for recreation and relaxation, hotels provide luxury and comfort. Chiang Mai has several choices of resorts and hotels. You will find everything from luxury resorts to a standard hotel.

จอง โรงแรม เชียงใหม่

Even though standard hotels tend to have fewer facilities, they still provide the comfort that you deserve. Most hotels are strategically located close to a historical place or near a market. Therefore, it is not hard to find luxury hotels to stay in. Most of them serve high-class food alongside lounges and bars for enjoying relaxing drinks. You can also indulge in traditional Thai massages at the hotel spa before you take a dip in the hotel pool. 

Budget and Length to Stay

There are so many activities that you can carry out. Staying for a minimum of 3 days will allow you to see these highlights. You will get better access if you stay close to the attractions like choosing a hotel near the night market Bazaar.

These tips will help you to get the best stay in Chiang Mai. The pricing tends to differ depending on the season of your travel. Making informed decisions will help you to get the most from your visit at the least cost possible.

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