Challenges of Implementation Clinic Management Systems in Malaysia

The introduction of the clinic management system in Malaysia was a major breakthrough as far as work in hospitals is concerned. This system has brought with its efficiency, speed transparency among many other benefits. Instead of having to store patient records on papers that were so delicate and could get lost so easily, these records are now stored in a computer that is easy to access.

This means that whenever one is looking for any record, be they patient records they can easily access them at the time of their choice. This technology has also reduced cases of misdiagnosis and later on wrong treatment that emerges from a mix-up of records.

These days, such cases are almost unheard of as records are kept in a much safer way that completely errors free. Unless there is a very serious issue, the emergence of a clinic management system has done so much in making sure that accuracy, as well as efficiency, mirrors hospital activities.

However, much as a clinic management system has been a top and much-appreciated blessing in hospitals, the system comes with its own challenges as well. In this discussion, we intend to look at some of the problems or rather challenges that come with the clinic management system in various clinics as well as hospitals.

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·       Improper Review of Documents

Storing confidential hospital records as well as other clinic records in a hospital information system might seem like a very good thing or let’s just say that it is. However, there is a challenge that comes with this and that is being able to retrieve all these documents when you need them.

If there is so much information that is stored in the database then the process of retrieving it might be a bit complicated. True to this, we have so many cases in the past where people have had issues trying to retrieve information from the overloaded computer database.

This process can in some cases take so much time leading to so many inconveniences especially when the information in question is needed so fast. Thus, even though some of these computers help in some cases we have some cases or scenarios where they might just fail you.

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·       So Much Manpower Required to Run the System

Anything that has to do with computers requires the input of the best-skilled labour. The speed, as well as the efficiency of this system, depends so much on the kind of expertise skills as well as experience that goes into making sure that the whole system becomes a success.

Hiring some of these experts might cost a fortune especially if there is so much sophistication involved. For some hospitals and clinics bringing on board some of these expensive something that might eat some much into the budget of any hospital budget given that the patient management system requires so much input in terms of skilled manpower.

·       High Maintenance Costs

There are some things about systems that you will never be able to avoid no matter how much you try. These things are the high maintenance costs that such systems come with. Clinic management systems are not any different from these systems.

Once you have an EMR Malaysia system in place you will have to incur permanent costs of fixing the system once it breaks down or stops functioning in some cases. The repair costs might in some cases rise so high something that many people will tell you they really do not really like.

Even though electronic medical record in Malaysia come with many benefits they too come with their own challenges as well. Listed above are some of the challenges that come with implementing the latest clinic management software. These challenges are some of the things you will have to navigate through any time you put in place a clinic management system.

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